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breakfast pastry platter : chef's assortment of breakfast pastries (scones, croissants, muffins and monkey bread) with house-made jam & Oregon creamery butter 8.5/person (min. 8 people)

house-made granola with yogurt or milk 6/person (min. 8 people)
- add market berries 3/person (min. 8 people)

smoked fish platter (serves 6-8) :
smoked salmon and white fish with redwood hill goat cheese
house made rye bread, cucumbers, onions & tomatoes 75

sticky buns (serves 6-8) :
cinnamon sugar bun topped with caramel & toasted pecans 32

coffee service (serves 6-8) :
Equator moka java drip coffee in an easy to serve to-go container 22

sandwich platter :
chef's selection or choose from - the Laurel Canyon, the American in Paris, the Pilgrim, the Niçoise and the Sandwich of the Day 12/person (min. 8 people)
- add house-made sweet potato chips and pickles 2/person (min. 8 people)

ficelles :
a selection of our ficelle (mini baguette) sandwiches 8/ea
or 7/ea for 8 or more
8 ficelle in our wire basket (great hostess gift!) 68

(serves 6-8 as a side salad)
simple salad - radishes, herbs, lemon & olive oil 28

farro, cherry tomatoes, black olives, cucumber, feta & pistou 38
larder cobb - romaine, sweet potatoes, beets, chickpeas & avocado 36


add to any salad:     grilled chicken  21     grilled salmon  24    

PLATTERS (serves 6-8)
seasonal fruit platter 46
market crudités with buttermilk dressing 40

artisanal cheese with condiments 68

assorted cured meats & salumi 56
spiced shrimp with house-made cocktail sauce (dozen) 36
slow-roasted salmon with cucumber yogurt 70
grilled jidori chicken with green olives & preserved lemon 68

barbecue-ready (uncooked) burgers with house-made bun 6/ea
niman ranch beef
organic turkey with garlic and roasted tomato

pork, pork, pork

burger additions
- add bacon 1.5/ea
- add manchego, fontina or cheddar 1.5/ea
- add lettuce, tomato and onions 1.5/ea
- add avocado 1.5/ea

burger platter (serves 6) :
your choice of 6 barbecue-ready burgers with house-made buns, onions, lettuce and tomatoes 49


our menu is seasonal and subject to change





SIDES (a quart serves 4 - 6 people)
(can be packed in a disposable serving bowl for an additional 4 dollar charge)

curry chicken with almonds & raisins 30/quart
marinated beets with red onion & horseradish 22/quart

baby broccoli with shallot, garlic & arbol chili 24/quart
farro with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, feta & pistou 24

curried cauliflower with cilantro 24/quart
long-cooked cavalo nero 24/quart

red rice and quinoa with shredded chicken, cashews & pickled onion 24/quart


buttermilk 6/half pint hamburger bun 1/ea
aioli 5/half pint dinner roll 1.50/ea
barbecue sauce 6/half pint blueberry boule 10
  aoc sourdough 7
BITES soudough boule 5
marinated olives 16/pint wheat boule 7
pickles 8/pint sourdough baguette 4
julie's spiced nuts 16/pint French baguette 4
marcona almonds 12/pint crostini (dozen) 8

pastry platter (serves 8-10) :
brownie bites, lemon bar bites, assorted cookies 56

cookie extravaganza (serves 8-10) :
assortment of chewy and crispy chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal, pistachio, walnut shortbread and chocolate sablé cookies 48

assorted French macarons (serves 4) 25
seasonal crisp or cobbler (serves 4-6) 36

WHOLE CAKES - call for additional flavors, 48 hour notice required
6" chocolate or carrot cake (serves 6-8 people) 48
8" chocolate or carrot cake (serves 10-12 people) 60
12" chocolate or carrot cake (serves 24-30 people) 144

INDIVIDUAL TARTS - 48 hour notice required
lemon with a chocolate layer 4.5/ea
chocolate with salted caramel 5/ea
seasonal fruit tart 6/ea


Please place all orders 24 hours in advance.
If ordering for the next day place your order before 3pm.

A credit card is required when placing your order. We ask that you please have the card with you at time of pick-up or drop-off.

Changes and cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled pick-up or drop-off time. Unfortunately we will not be able to make adjustments or cancellations after that time.

For orders amounting to $100 or more, we offer delivery.

24 hours is required to arrange for delivery.
There is a $10 charge for delivery within a 3-mile radius of Tavern.
We are happy to deliver beyond for an additional $5 per mile.

If you would like assistance regarding quantities or selections please call Katie at the larder at Tavern or email

All orders must be confirmed by Katie.